Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

7 - 11 July 2019

Scientific Program

Welcome to the Rhizosphere 5 website.

The general theme for the 2019 conference is "shining light on the plant root-soil interface". Theme areas for the conference are listed below; however, the scientific program is now complete (see Final Program). However, if you have any suggestions for theme areas, or you would like to propose a session for Rhizosphere 6 (to be heldin 2023), please contact a member of the Executive Oversight Committee.

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Rhizosphere 5 Theme Areas:

     •   The root microbiome

     •   Plant holobiont

     •   Spatiotemporal organization in the rhizosphere

     •   The rhizosphere as a hotspot for horizontal gene transfer

     •   Root imaging & phenotyping

     •   Rhizosphere processes for sustainable agriculture & nutrient cycling

     •   Natural (forest and grassland) ecosystem rhizosphere

     •   Rhizosphere of extreme environments

     •   Rhizoremediation

     •   Evolution in the rhizosphere (domestication)

     •   Plant mutualisms or symbionts, natural  & commercial inoculants

     •   Climate change, abiotic stress and the rhizosphere

     •   Rhizosphere modelling

     •   Cutting edge approaches and methods

     •   General soil-plant-microbe interactions